Peter Ibruegger studio focuses on creating and designing unique fine bone china products. Our studio's premium quality ceramic and glass containers are perfect for those who enjoy Tea & Coffee culture. Our fine bone china products can be appreciated with unique creative designs or as gilded fine bone china pieces. Explore our Online Store Products Page to find an item for you or a loved one.

Peter Ibruegger studio works with local manufacturers in Stoke-on-Trent...the heart of the British pottery industry.

Founded by Peter Ibruegger - an artist of mixed German-Chinese background who spent most of his life working in East London; a place known for its ethnic diversity and for being at the forefront of cultural innovation. Both this environment and his heritage have shaped Ibruegger’s love of timeless ancient symbolism and contemporary design.

In addition to his more available commercial products, Ibruegger makes unique and limited edition pieces, such as tiles, plates, prints, drawings, embroidery and prints.. These have been exhibited and sold at the Barbican Art Gallery (London), La Triennale Museum (Milan) and Temporäre Kunsthalle (Berlin).